Countering Covid

Countering Covid

Covid 19 and it’s variants are making a joke of the Australian Government. The virus is running around us all. The only thing predictable is that the virus will continue to wreak havoc.

My thoughts on strangling the virus.

Close airports to all passenger traffic.

All passenger flights both international and domestic travellers suspended.

All planes carrying freight and goods to be deep cleaned at the end of each trip.

All trucks carrying foodstuffs and other essentials to be deep cleaned at the end of each trip.

All airline crews and truck drivers to be Covid tested every 24 hours. All to be vaccinated.

No inanimate goods to be transported across state or territory boundaries until the end of 2021.

No cruise liners to offer tours until at least July 2023.

No one to travel across state and territory borders for family, work or domestic purposes.

No Australian inbound or outbound traffic allowed. No border force permits allowing travel to be issued.

All repatriation flights to be suspended for the next three months.

Hotel quarantine to cease in future with quarantine confined to appropriately constructed facilities. These must be at reasonable distance from capital cities.

All people working in ages care and all delivering services of goods to be vaccinated.

Vaccination to be compulsory for all people aged 16 years and over unless excused by a medical certificate issued by a qualified medical practitioner.

All children aged 8 years and over to be vaccinated. This could be a program rolled out through schools.

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