People in the NT (the majority at least) act as if Covid is history. Howard Springs quarantining efficiency has made us complacent. Tourists are pouring up here like never before and the mixing and mingling defies all social distancing rules. Maybe 5% observe physical distancing and hand hygiene wiith less than that using the NT QR code.

They are now doing sewage testing. For a good while, electronic number plate recognition on border entry points was the only survelliance of traffic. More recently, borders are again being governed by human presence.

With the Northern Territory recently being confronted with a outbreak which manifested self at The Granites Mine, there was a temporary change in attitude. The five day partial lockdown woke some people up, but the awakening seems to have been temporary. I am not holding my breath about any permanent change, but hope to be proved wrong. While the QR codes are now everywhere and their use mandatory, I suspect that things are slackening by the day. We forget too quickly.

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