The Balinese expats had plenty of time in past months to plan and return to Australia. The dilemma they confront could have been avoided had they heeded the earlier warnings about the inroads and impacts of this virus, and come back while the virus was still in its spreading stages.


I will vote in the upcoming local government elections for the mayoral candidate and aldermanic hopefuls in my ward who commit to maintaining and revitalising our older suburbs. This Council has been all about the CBD, by and large neglecting our suburbs for the past four years.


The security staff who work to provide safety to the public by guarding against aberrant and anti-social behaviour, deserve commendation. They work with limited powers. Those at Casuarina, Karama and Leanyer shopping centres do a great job and show empathy in their dealings with people. Thank you.

The Afghan interpreters who served Australian troops deployed to Afghanistan so loyally, so long and in life threatening situations MUST be uplifted and relocated with their families in Australia. The tardiness and pussy footing going on around this issue must cease. The lives of these people, who were faithful Australian servants, is in the hands of our Federal Government.

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