Teacher Training is so Important

There is often a reluctance on the part of professionals within organisations to participate in training the next generation of people coming through to positions within those organisations.

This can be particularly evident with teaching. If and when asked, many schools are reluctant to take teachers in training for classroom practice.

Universities are often on the lookout for schools willing to participate in training programs. That reluctance is sometimes due to the fact that generous allowance is paid to schools and or teachers in classrooms supervising trainee teachers are not as generous as what might of been the case. In other situations, schools and staff can sometimes use teacher training students in inappropriate roles.

It is critical that schools participate in preparing our next generation of teachers for classrooms. If training is inhibited because of the lack of placement opportunity, that does not augur well for either the profession and its reputation or for students who are going to be taught by those teachers to graduate in future years.

A corollary to this issue is that if students in training are made to feel unwelcome, unwanted, or a burden this hardly impacts positively for their appreciation of the profession they are preparing to enter. It could well be a reason for why people in training leave before training is completed!.

Remember too, that up tho 60% of teacher graduates quit in their first five years of teaching.

Principals, members of leadership teams, classroom teachers and school staff members must continue to support training teachers into perpetuity. They should after all remember that when they were training, support was offered to them during these formative years. Participation in teacher education programs for teachers in training is really all about payback. And guaranteeing the future of schooling for students, many not yet born

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