Reflecting on Covid

Covid Thoughts

Language understanding may be an issue but is being overstated. People in the eight LGA’s in Sydney and elsewhere around Australia have a very good idea about what is happening.

Deliberate defiance and outright disobedience are characteristics of citizen response to Covid entreaties by Government, Health Department staff and community leaders of the various ethnic groups.

Incitement of disobedience and the transmission of misinformation by persons misusing social media is malicious and damaging. Those responsible deserve severe punishment.

Repatriation issues are incomprehensible. Eighteen months ago, 32,000 wanted home. Since then more than 400,000 people have come back and the waiting list is 38,000.

Voluntary vaccination is a disaster. Unless excused by a medical certificate, vaccination should be compulsory. Those refusing point blank to be vaccinated should not have medical priority if infected by Covid.

The Federal Government should be responsible for all quarantining and MUST build dedicated facilities to house those undertaking quarantine. Notwithstanding Covid, these facilities should be constructed in all states and not in major population centres. There will be future worldwide epidermic and we need to pay for those. This preparation should be a Federal Government priority. Costs might be covered for construction by garnishing the Good and Services Tax payments made to each state and territory. A fund should be set up to construct and manage quarantine operations

in the same way as a futures fund.

A levy should be placed on all Australians going overseas either as tourists, or to take up occupational appointments. The levy should go into fund to be drawn upon in the event of future pandemics requiring repatriation of people to Australia. I would suggest an amount of at least $50 per person per trip (2021 values) to go into this fund, with the contribution being considered for personal taxation deduction.

The fund would be administered by the Federal Government with travel agencies/airlines being responsible for its collection.

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