I recently conducted a week long online survey. The question asked was “Should handwriting be taught as part of the primary school curriculum?” There were 701 respondents. 93% said ‘yes’ to the question and 7% ‘no’. That is a resounding rebuff to those believing handwriting is no longer important.

AT LAST children aged between 12 and 16 are to be vaccinated against Covid. Thanks to our Health Minister and CMO for this determination and for the common sense that is prevailing in the NT’s virus management program. School outbreaks in southern states and the ACT confirm absolutely that the virus is virulent among persons of all ages. Our young people deserve the protections afforded by vaccination as much as those of us who are older.

I believe that principals, the Education Department, Catholic and Independent Schools Associations should report in public the damage and vandalism being inflicted on schools by those with nefarious intent. Staying silent and leaving the community unaware of this problem is counter productive. Those who desecrate our schools and destroy the work of students with wanton acts of vandalism should be called out.

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