Re-visiting Education Points


Women are coming to the fore in staffing NT schools. Many of our primary schools are down to one male member of staff – the janitor.


It is absolutely fantastic that school based police are again back in our schools. They should NEVER have been taken out in the first place. The removal started during the Labor Government era (2001 -2012) not during the CLP’s 2012 -2016 years. Labour is restoring what it removed.


Our cavalier attitude toward the threat of the coronavirus, reminds one of Ecclesiastes 2:17: “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow (we) die.”


People are dodging dentists because of the cost (Sun. Terr. 16/5). They are not dodging restaurants, night clubs, pubs and bottle shops. Priorities are important.


Glad school based constables are being restored. They offer great support to children and young people. They promote in youth a sense of the need for self responsibility. They enrich our schools and community through their dedicated efforts and positive outreach.


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