There are some things about covid management that have been well done, but many that leave a good deal to be desired.

• Covid has developed thousands and thousands of Australians within the political, medical, commercial, and social organisation domains who are now experts on the subject of coronavirus. Before Covid, they were unknown but this wicked virus has given them illumination. Many are doing great good, while others confuse matters with supposed expertise that is contradictory and flies in the face of common sense.

• The reluctance of the Australian Government to go away from hotel quarantine to the establishment of dedicated facilities (possibly modelled on Howard Springs quarantine facility) has been a major shortcoming. Insistence on the hotel model of quarantining in the CBD’s of our capital cities has looked after thousands of returnees, and been responsible of thousands of infections in the Australian community thanks to the 27 times the virus has leaked into the community from hotels. Covid will be with us for many years and dedicated facilities constructed by the Federal Government are an absolute must.

• The unclear lines of demarcation and authority between the states/ territories and the commonwealth, has been confusing. This area of uncertainty has also allowed for blame for shortcomings and failures to be batted back and forth between authorities.

• The absolute schemozzle over vaccines has been the major drawback in countering Covid. Confusion has reigned supreme with the hesitation of authorities adding to the misinformation being circulated about vaccination by those with nefarious intent. The blunders over vaccines are incomprehensible and have occurred because of the inputs and interpretations of thousands of ‘experts’. A bigger mess of vaccination in Australia has never been made.

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