Women cut to the chase and don’t dither around the edges of issues. When confronted by tasks, they quickly align the best and most efficient way to get from task start to goal accomplishment. They do accept advice but are able to synthesise and sift valid suggestion from what might be extraneous. Women are less bogged down when it comes to dealing issues than many men. They are definitive in approach and get things done. While appreciating the contributions of those who approach shared tasks positively, they are not in the business of treating foolishness lightly. While valuing the contributions of some men within my operational sphere over the years, I knew that if something needed to be done quickly, efficiently, accurately and conclusively, it was best to delegate management and decision making to a woman.

2 thoughts on “WHY WOMEN ARE GOOD LEADERS (4)

  1. Your words make me feel excited and know what a female is through male eyes. This is something that makes women see a point of view from the other side and helps them know their abilities. It was my pleasure to share your website and I will gladly share it with those around me.
    Thank you

    • Thank you for your comment. I was a school principal for over 40 years and had a chance to work with many senior executive female staff both within my schools and within the Department of Education. I learned a great deal from these valued staff.

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