Final in the series


The issue of gender in leadership is going to go on and on and attract more more criticism from organisations perceived not to be paying the court due to the subject. With the passing of time, more and more women are being appointed to fill key roles in the leadership domain, especially within some of the ‘people oriented’ organisations.

Education for instance, was once dominated by men at all senior levels within schools and within Education Departments. Genuine concerns about the non-representation of women in educational leadership roles were frequently heard. That has all changed; during the past two decades, women have become the majority gender in educational leadership positions in Australian schools.

A recent photograph published in ‘LinkedIn’ by the NT Education Department illustrates the point. The photo was of Principals and Assistant Principals appointed to Territory schools for the start of the 2022 school year. There were 25 people in the photograph. Five were men and twenty were women.

Progress may be slow and some women may feel their gender is moving into key leadership roles at a snail’s pace. But comparing 2022 with 1972 is like comparing two different worlds. Women ARE on the move into Leadership Land – and that’s the way it should be!

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