As your headline suggests (‘Engaged parents the key’, 18/1) meaningful partnerships between school and home, provides the very best foundation for the education of children. Craig Deed (LaTrobe school of education professor) is right in saying that in uncertain Covid times, parents need to involve more than ever in educational engagement with schools. Partnerships should be an everlasting educational element.


Dr Rose Cantali (‘Standup to your kids hellbent on romance’, NT News 21/1) worries about parents being scared to talk with their children about issues of life and living. Communication between parents and children is also enhanced if parents are good listeners, confidants and advisers. Communication with children is not enhanced if parents in their eagerness to point out what they consider right, rush to judgement on their children.

Speech and speaking clubs like Toastmasters are offered a new challenge; developing within members and through community workshops, the ability to speak clearly, expressively and audibly while wearing masks. With this facial coverage becoming an ongoing and prescribed need, such training is becoming essential.

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