All the very best to territory students, teachers and support staff as they return to school in 2022. May teaching efforts and learning endeavours be satisfying for everyone connected with education in all urban, town, community and remote locations. May school attendance, notwithstanding Covid, be possible each day.


Parents are passing their children off to schools, before and after school care and school holiday care programs. These agencies and their employees are supposed to bring children up, excusing parents of their prime duty of care.


The Education Minister and her department are playing coy about releasing information on whether or not modification to Year 12 scores occurred in the period January 1, 2018 and June 30, 2021 (Grade change allegations, NT News 27/12). Awareness about the matter is deemed not to be in the public interest. On the contrary, the public, including parents, students and potential employers, have every right to know if grades have been compromised (fiddled). This matter should be brought into the light of day.

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