Fixing the quandary of sexual harassment in the Federal Parliament.

A number of things need to be done in order to fix the situation of sexual harassment in the Federal Parliament.

It is devastating that in this day and age I am reminded of a statement made by a lady who lived to be 104 years of age. She said that in her experience “the thoughts of men never rise higher than the bed.”

The whole harassment and bullying issue needs to be fixed and I suggest three things.

• Immediately, alcohol should be banned from Parliament house and all functions should be supported by non-alcoholic beverages.

• Secondly, a move should be made toward all staff supporting parliamentarians being female. Any position that becomes vacant should be available to women only. As tenure for male staffers comes to an end as contracts expire or male staffers resign, only women should be allowed to take their place.

• Over the next 10 years all parliamentarians should be transitioned to a women only status. Male politicians presently in the parliament should be able to continue putting themselves forward for only another two terms. Retiring male politicians from now on. should be replaced only by female persons in the House of Representatives and the Senate. No male should be eligible To seek preselection for any seat becoming vacant.

The problem has to be fixed and it would seem from history and current experience that the fixing just does not happen. The alternative is to get rid of the problem! That means getting rid of the men.

If there are harassment issues in state and territory parliaments and assemblies, the above methodology should be implemented.

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