Anne Hollande and Glyn Davis column ‘(‘Promoting kids’ wellbeing begins at the top level’, The Australian 30/3) offers reflective opportunity to all who are connected with the wellbeing of children and young people.

The needs of one third of our population are being adjudicated in a remote and non-consultative manner with youth, who are the key and major stakeholders in our future. Creating policies ‘about’ and ‘for’ young people is less wise than developing those programs ‘with’ young people. The wisdom of tomorrow’s adults should never be discounted.

I believe however that transacting the future for young people, while of necessity involving them, should not discount parents. During their formative years, young children deserve, want and need the awareness, contribution and responsibility of their parents in helping to shape their appreciation of the world and their attitudes toward the future. Indeed, too many young people are left to drift and find their youthful position in life’s world, because parents are distanced (often by economic imperative and work circumstances), from offering critically important primary care. Development of youthful attitudes by agencies, including child care centres and schools, cans never supplant the primary care and nurturing love that parents offer their children.

One can only hope that a more predictable, secure and safe environment can be brought to bear in supporting children and young people during their growing up years.

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