Thank you to the Asche Family

Jamie Walker’s column (Age taking heroes WW11 foes could not “The Australian” 25/4) resonated and brought back memories of an outstanding Territorian and Australian in Austin Asche. He and his wife Dr Valerie Ashe (dec.)were frontier Territorians and outstanding contributors to the development of NT ethos. Both as our Chief Justice (known for his humanity and fairness when administering the law) and later as NT Administrator, Mr Asche served with distinction. Dr Asche, was for 20 years the Patron of NT Variety, a major fundraising organisation supporting those in need. She was also a medical doctor who served her profession with distinction/

While Administrator, His Honour Austin Asche and Dr Asche made it their business to visit frequently and widely around the Territory, supporting communities and schools. They modelled citizenship, were always interested in people and were appreciated by all Territorians.

The NT has been well blessed and well served by the contribution of this wonderful couple.


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