My first appointment as a teacher was to Warburton Ranges in 1970. My wife and I were there for 12 months. We returned in 1974 with three children, the youngest only six weeks of age. From July 1975 until December 1982, we taught (and I was Principal for most of this time) at Numbulwar and Angurugu in the NT. During those years, we always felt safe. Our home was not overly secured. Our children were safe and free from threat within all three communities. We were criticised by family and boy some professional superordinates who felt we were doing our children much harm by being on those places. I like to think we made a positive difference during our years of tenure. Our three children grew up to become professionals in the areas of science/teaching (daughter) while our two sons are qualified engineers. So much for their deprivation. That said, I would not countenance remote community service these days as things have changed. Safety and well-being are history. How sad it is that this deterioration has taken place.

Being an old one

I am a 76 year old boomer. My Father taught me save, not to spend what I did not have. That lesson was one I followed all my working like. Fortunately, I was introduced to superannuation during my working years and am thankful every day for the blessings it brought. I do not accept that I am privileged by the system and should be envied. What I have, I earned. I did not go over the top with socialisation, spending on alcohol and substances nor taking extravagant holidays on borrowed money. A house mortgage was our only borrowed money and that got paid of as quickly as we could manage. You guessed it, I hate debt with a passion. Every day I thank my Father for teaching me the wisdom of saving and for going without until I could afford to pay for what I wanted and needed.

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