My thought in reply to a Linked In post from Scott Morrison today.

Thank you for your sentiments Mr Morrison. This was the way it was always going to go because liberal parties within Australia sell themselves short by infighting. I imagine there will be a bi-election in Cook before too long. There is much soul searching and healing that needs to take place within your party and that will not happen any time soon. With respect, your party is short on for leadership talent with synergestic focus. The centre of your party, the parliamentary wing, has lost its way.

I don’t know how good the new government will be but if it wants to succeed,it must develop an internal unity and oneness of purpose that came to evade your government.

Campaigning does not come into the shaping of voters perceptions that have been impacted by days, weeks, months and years. It is this long term development of regard and appreciation that eventually determines how well an incumbent government will fare when voters go to the polls.

I recommend a paper written by Frederick Wirt and shared with participants at the ACEL conference held in Darwin in 1992. Titled ‘will the centre hold’, it predicted what can happen when organisations are more concerned about magnification and image than consolidated and logical development.


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