Restore Euthanasia Entitlement to NT

The entitlement to access euthasia provisions, with the passing of NSW Legislation, has now been provided for citizens in all Australian states. However, those of us in the NT and ACT continue to be nobbled by the federal government’s controlling caprices. PM Scott Morrison justified this during a radio interview (19/5). He said that territory citizens were ‘different’ to those living in the states. He inferred that these differences justified our exclusion from this entitlement.

The overturning of the Northern Territory Voluntary Euthanasia Bill of 1996 by Canberra the following year was both callous and cruelly indifferent.

My fervent hope is that with Labor winning the Australian election, an Albanese lead government will reinstate a territory legislative entitlement savagely stripped away by Canberra 25 years ago

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