BRYCE FULLWOOD A great good news story

Thank you for your story about Bryce Fullwood (NT News 14/6) and the successes he is having as a supercar driver. Bryce was a student at Leanyer Primary School during my years as a teacher at the same establishment. It is inspiring to read of the successes he is having as a maturing driver on car racing circuits.

One of the joys for teachers and principals is seeing and appreciating the development of students like Bryce. I have had the joy of working with many hundreds of past students who, like Bryce Fullwood, are making good and contributing positively to the world. Some are sportspeople, others are into commence, business and academia while a significant number, like myself (in the 1970’s) have opted into the teaching profession.

One of the reflective satisfactions of being an educator is to know how successfully those you once taught, have transitioned into adulthood, making a wonderful success of their lives, contributing so positively to their community and the world

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