Violence is Everywhere

Violence is everywhere

They talk about shielding children from awareness of violence. That is impossible. Violence is everywhere.

It is in homes as domestic violence.

It is the clause of tensions between people.

It is on our sporting fields.

It is manifest, verbally in all and physically in some of our parliaments.

It is portrayed in boxing rings as a holy grail of that sport.

It is characterised by wrestling, kick boxing and so on.

It is shown on television news.

It is all over the radio.

Print media is full of stories of violence.

It is the central theme of many online games.

Films in cinemas and entertainment programs on TV feature violence.

Perpetrators of violence are sometimes seen as villains but more often as heroes.

There are violent civil unrest spots all over the world, impacting on children.

There are civil wars within nations.

There are major wars and killing fields perpetrated between nations.

Violence is deemed necessary to create power within perpetrators.

America is full of gun violence, where mass shootings happen daily, often impacting on children.

This list is but a beginning of what might run to hundreds of points about the genesis and evolution of violence.

Shielding children from violence is impossible.

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