Three Outstanding NT Female Leaders

We are blessed in the NT to have an outstanding numbers of persons, in terms of awareness and leadership, doing great things for our community.

I don’t included politicans or local government representatives in my reflection because they are in a position to create change based upon the polder they have through parliamentary and local government processes.

I am still reflecting upon men , but in terms of women, the three who most stand out to me in terms of their ‘cut through’ and influence, their tenacity, their persistence in pursuing kept issues and their focus on issues rather than personality are:

Number 3:

Amy Hetherington-Tait as an influencer, her dexterity and her capacity to contribute positively in every situation. She is a developer of people and an outstanding entertainer.

Number 2:

Ruth Palmer, CEO of the Darwin Property Council, for her enthusiasm and constant pursuit of outcomes to situation which will uplift and promote our widower community. She is a dynamo who is indefatigable when it comes to role set fulfilment. She is a visionary but also a completer and finisher.

Number 1:

Katie Woolf OAM, the Mix 104.9 360 Radio presenter, whose three hour programs each day, Monday to Friday, focus Territorians on key issues, current trends and developments. She is always issues focussed and asks the questions about our community that need to be put both those in power. She is a fierce believer in the need for accountability to be a hallmark of Territory leaders in all fields of endeavour. She is a ‘without fear or favour’ person, whose contributions refresh and enlighten our territory.

Thank you for the work you do and the contributions you make to this place.

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