I was the first graduate from the Mount Lawley College of Advanced Education (now part of Edith Cowan University) course

“Post Graduate Diploma in Intercultural Studies” which focussed exclusively on Indigenous Australians. My graduate certificate in marked “Number 1”. That was in 1976.

Over many years, that learning stood me in good stead as a person, teacher and school principal. It helped me in my guidance of others and supported me in understanding important situations that focus on cross-cultural language and relationships. It has always helped me in terms of sifting the grain from the chaff, the wheat from the tares on this important issue.

One of the things I abhor most, is knowing of people who use indigenous issues as a bandwagon for self promotion. They include both indigenous and non indigenous persons. Big-noting for the purpose of self aggrandisement on this critically important issue is a sin.

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