My take on the crime epidemic perpetrated by young people is that of parents and primary caregivers being ‘home free’ and absolved of all responsibility for care of their children.

As a retired educator can I add that to suggest young people do not or cannot differentiate between what behaviours are right and what actions are wrong, is a total nonsense. All children in our schools come to an understanding on the right and wrong issues from the time they enter school. Good parents have already begun that process with their children before they start in the early years of schooling.

As a septuagenarian I put it that the issues confronting the community could be managed if the home front neglect and parental dereliction of their parenting duties were confronted. But as I have suggested, they are not held accountable or responsible for their children.

Nothing will change while ever parents are excused from their prime duties of care.

Henry Gray

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