Vocational Education and Training is so important and for a long time has been overlooked by systems. It seems that for the last decade or two the focus has been on having students go to university and earn degrees. Trades training has been played down and been described as second rate. It is the fault of the education system of Australia that we are in a position of being desperately short in trades areas.

We may need people with degrees but we also need people who are qualified in the area of motor mechanics, Plumbing, carpentry, electrical provision and so on.

Our own university in the Northern Territory thanks to the focus of the vice chancellor and university board is now upping the focus on vocational training and trades qualifications. Hopefully this will continue and with the university branching out into regional areas (again) this training may be offered in places where people are living rather than having them come to Darwin.

Hopefully and in time as people train in these occupational areas, the present deficits, created by a system that went away from VET will be reinstated and overcome.

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