One of the sins of our profession and many others is claiming ‘ownership’ of ideas without sufficiently acknowledging the genesis of the initiative. So often something claimed as belonging to a person by that person, has its origins elsewhere. That applies to information gleaned from the web but also results from the claimant not sufficiently researching to determine whether her or his idea has been tried in another place and at an earlier time.

As a long term educator, I can attest to that happening for me on quite a few occasions. Ideas I had and actions I initiated were, not infrequently, usurped by others who claimed practicdes and innovations I had introduced as their own. I never protested loudly because if children and students benefit, does it really matter where the idea originated.

Nevertheless, one puts these things away in the back of one’s mind and it does impact upon the respect held for purloiners.

ALWAYS acknowledge your sources. Encourage and require children and studenst to do the same.

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