Adam Drake is one of the most brilliant leaders whose community contribution I have studied. The work he does in leading Balanced Choice makes this organisation One Of The Very Best when it comes to the development of young people (and those not so young). The organisation’s leaders consider the needs of people in gender and ethnic terms. Everyone is welcome with the organisation’s thesis of wanting the greater good for every person within our country.

While founding the organisation, Adam has worked hard to build a leadership group that now takes the message of his organisation (the organisation they share) throughout the length and breadth of the Northern Territory, into South Australia and very shortly into Victoria. The work done by this organisation through its leadership group is inspirational.

One of Adam’s significant strengths as a leader is to consider the advice offered by the leadership group as a whole. He is not autocratic but a transactional, developmental and transformative leader. He values all within the leadership group.

One of the strengths of Balanced Choice is the synergistic way in which the leaders “link“ with those undertaking programs organised by Adam and his cohort. Every person and every participant feels valued and wanted.

Balance Choice has been responsible for refocusing and uplifting those who feel despair, taking them to a plane of positiveness. They feel valued and worthwhile and, having been inspired, rarely look back to past times. Notably, the skills they learn and the attitude they develop participants take with them into their daily lives there for sharing joy with others.

A strength of Adam Drake is the way he keeps in touch with both his leadership group and those with him he has worked. Balance Choice has indeed been responsible for changing The direction in life’s world of thousands of people. Such as the quality of the message from Balanced Choice, That these positive changes remain with those who have been uplifted for the foreseeable future.

Adam Drake is humble and would never put himself forward for accolades. He doesn’t do the work he does for recognition, but he deserves the credit he doesn’t crave. After careful study and reflection upon the organisation and Adam’s significant role, I feel he would be a worthy contender for recognition as the Northern Territorian of the year for 2023. His leadership is beyond peers, and the work he and his organisation (and those leaders with him) have done for Territory and increasingly for Australians elsewhere is due to recognition and public acclaim.

Adam is a man and the Balanced Choice an organisation, we need in these times. People, especially indigenous Australians are crying out for support, development and the uplifting that he, his co-leaders and Balanced Choice offer.

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