What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?


Happiness is an approaching storm during the wet season. When it falls, the rain dissipates humidity is refreshingly cool and gives grass trees and vegetation an energetic boost of life.

Happiness is opening the fridge and discovering an aluminium basis with six hard-boiled and shelled eggs. That surprise (provided by my wife) makes for excellent and happy eating.

Happiness is the contact made with us by our children and grandchildren living a distance. That contact is quite regular through messaging that we share. It’s nice to know that we are loved and appreciated by our children and grandchildren and that, intern we can share the love we have for them with them.

Happiness and satisfaction are being able to receive projects and assignments and being prepared for school by our grandchildren to see how they are going and offering them editing advice. We can do that through email connection which is a very positive use of technologically developed media.

Happiness is growing pawpaw plants to give away.

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