What is your favorite restaurant?


My favourite restaurant is our “Home Restaurant “. Our restaurant has a decent menu offering us a variety of meals for lunch and dinner tonight.

The restaurant is based on a menu that is increasing in scope. While enjoying eating at this restaurant, I also enjoy increased participation in cooking and freezing meals for future consumption.

Prices of the restaurant are most reasonable with most meals being shared between us costing no more than three dollars per person. Sun meals equally as nutritious and delightful to eat are less than that amount.

I have enjoyed our “Home Restaurant” for a good decade and it is still going strong. Unlike Restaurant One visits from time to time (or “visited” in our case), there is no change in ownership, no alteration of decor and no focus on fancy food that might look alright mate tastes okay but will certainly cost a fortune.

The final good thing about our restaurant is that it does not require people to dress up and act in a latte da way. The environment is friendly, the atmosphere relaxed, and the meals most enjoyable without any angst or anxiety about what the chef is going to present.

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