How do you unwind after a demanding day?


As a retiree, I am not in the need of having to develop “winding down strategies“ for how I handle the end of each working day. I do remember when working, how much I looked forward to weekends, especially long weekends.

I have now been retired for 12 years and the weekends/weekdays merge into one and there’s no clear differentiation between the two any more.

In terms of “winding down”, The closest I come in retirement is remembering some of my winding down activities when still at work. One thing I always tried to do and as a school principal encourage the others to undertake, was to list at the end of each day things that had been accomplished as well as tasks that might still be outstanding. I also encourage people to keep a diary, particularly one noting down incidents and interviews together with any other salient points. Now that is something that I continue to do – I’ve kept my diaries back over time and on occasion have needed to refer to them.

In terms of winding down, it is important to include c

celebration with any notations about the ongoing challenges.



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