List your top 5 favorite fruits.


There are lots of fruit types I do not like and cannot eat. Some of this is probably because it’s a child I was made to eat things I didn’t fancy and therefore, be imaginary or real, I developed an aversion to these fruits.

For several years now I have grown pawpaws from seed and give away the plants and the fruit from trees that I planted in our yard. There is no way that I would eat a pawpaw I just don’t fancy having a go at that particular fruit but others like it so I’m happy to grow them and give them away.

My five favourite fruits from fifths to first go like this:

In fifth place are Pink Lady apples.

Coming in fourth are champagne melons.

In third place are red watermelons.

Granny Smith comes second.

Way, way, WAY out in front are first grade – usually from Tasmania – cherries. In Darwin, the supply of first-grade cherries is infrequent. But I never stop looking out for my favourite fruit.

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