How do you balance work and home life?


Balancing home life and work life was always very important to me. I write in the past tense because I’ve been retired for 12 years. However, even in retirement, my postwork activities mustn’t take on a disproportionate significance.

In 1984, I developed a mission statement and this was during a leadership program. The top criteria reads as follows:

“To fulfil and be fulfilled in terms of family, work, and recreation.“ It was important to me to have a balance and I never would work – or tried not to – over and above the importance and significance of my family. This has certainly helped because as a family of five, we are very close together. Neither did I neglect work but it needed to be kept in its place. I am reminded of the fact as has always been that “nobody on their deathbed ever regretted not having spent more time at work.“ I got that from somewhere and it always stuck in my mind.

As a leader, I tried hard to convince staff that Balance in work-life terms was very very important. So to come I was recreation getting away from work and relaxing.

I always tried hard not to take Work home and was advantaged in that way because I never lived more than 3 km from my place of work. If it was necessary to go to work early or late then it was at my workplace that I operated. Taking Work home was something I avoided.

Balance in life is ever so important and priorities need to be carefully established. Once they have been set, they need to be maintained.

Getting the balance right was, is, and will continue to be important.

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