False allegations are soul destroying, physically and mentally destructive. They can drive one into a deadly panorama of blackness through which glimmers but faint futuristic light.

False allegations are soul destroying, physically and mentally destructive. They can drive one into a deadly panorama of blackness through which glimmers but faint futuristic light.



They can be career ending and life destroying

Students deserve the very best in terms of pastoral care that can be offered, Teachers and leaders must be circumspect in their approach to matters of this nature. There is no room for compromise. However, to accuse teachers and school leaders falsely seems to have become a fashion. Lawyers ask those in toruble with the law to dig deeply into their memories in order to come up with instances of inappropriate conduct (particularly of a physical or sexual nature) that may have been put upon them when young; that in order to try and establish mitigating circumstances and lessen the impact of prosecution. To drege up some inapppropriateness for anywhere up to 30 years ago can give free rein to imagination.

I know for an absolute fact that false allegations of a historical nature can be absolutely embroiling. Suddenly alleged perpetrators are caught up in police investigations. They are presumed to be guilty until they can prove themselves to be innocent and can become instantly non-entitled to continue occupational engagement (if they are still teaching or working with young people) until the matter is resolved. That can take many weeks and months.

Surely the ultimate unhappiness for a teacher, particularly male teachers happens if they are falsely accused of wrongdoing in relation to students. Those who wrong children deserve punishment. However at times reporting of inappropriate conduct is mischevious and deliberate.

In Australia, with several commissions of inquiry happening in to alleged institutional abuse ovee time, advertisments and reporting coverage are rife with invitations for alleged victims to search their souls and come forth in reporting mode. Part of the inviration may be the lure of compensation at some future time.

Genuine matters need to be reported. However those who make mischevious, false and malevolent accusations are home free and there is no recourse in law for those falsely accused to seek justice. Even if innocent of accusations, the notion of ‘mud sticking’ is very real and slurs on character everlasting. Those falsely accused are never ever again in a good place.

While the matters after investigation may resolve and be found to have no substance, allegations have a huge impact the accused, so much so that the accused becomes the victim of the piece.

Whatever the reason for the reporting mischief, it has a deadly impact upon the psyche, inner feelings and wellbeing of the person against whom accusation is made. This impacts on the accused, affecting feelings of physical wellness and mental equilibrium. Although not guilty of sin the accused would feel like an abomination because these sorts of allegations cut very deeply. False allegations leave permanent scars, a deep unhappiness that may follow so accused educators beyond their retirement and into their graves.

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