To someone who more or less suggested ‘so sad too bad’, that these things happen and it is just a fact of the matter. I take your points but there needs to be some change. ‘Guilty until you prove yourself innocent’ is wrong. To be abandoned by system supports as happened to the Victorian teacher is wrong. The detained records do help. If an allegation is made and you are a person who keeps careful detains of contacts and context, omission can well demonstrate that what is alleged did not happen. It is not a total panacea but it is certainly a help. It is an absolute travesty that false accusers can walk away free from the train wreck they create. With abuse reports now being flavour of the month (1600 in Victoria alone since all the inquiry processes started I am told) reports and allegations are growing in frequency and going further and further back in time.  There is a multiplier effect that must consider what happens in other states and territories. There has to come a point when the way in which children are contemporarily appreciated, meets a point of where it was acceptable for what is now seen as abuse, to be practised. If not, we will finish up back in the nineteenth century. False accusations that are deliberately inserted into the reporting system with character destroying intent held for the accused, are deliberate and wicked. The fact that this is dismissed as an accidental ‘aside’ is not good enough.  Too many lives belonging to good and innocent people have been trashed and this is not good enough. The fact there are two sides to every issue needs to be remembered and not so summartily dismissed.

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