I hope educators all over the world are able to take time to reflect upon the positives that have been part of the 2015 school year. Too often we consider the challenges we confront, to trhe extent of pushing accomplishments into the background of our thinking.

We should not ignore challenges but neither shoiuld be overlook successes. To focus on the first without acknowledging the second, turns our profession into one of struggling, day-by-day, along an almost impossible pathway.

Balance is important. Let us celebrate individually and collectively as educators in the year that has been. Let us also embrace students and communities into those celebrations. We all deserve to leave the year with a good taste in our mouths and a good feeling in our souls.

2 thoughts on “BLESSINGS

  1. Thank you Henry – I love getting your posts in my email feed, but I often don’t come here to thank you. All the best for Christmas and the new year!

  2. Thanks Teresa. One has time to do a lot of reflection and thinking when retired. I hope that I can give back in some way for the support I received over the years as an educator in schools. May life continue to be good to you and your each and every day.

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