WHO, WHAT, HOW, WHEN and WHERE. Past student – where to now?

I graduated from teacher’s college in 1969, and commenced my teaching career in January 1970. From then until January 2012, I remained involved in full time educational commitment. Since retiring in January 2012, I have remained involved in education in different capacities. I retain affiliation with NT. Education through membership of several key groups and do some casual work at our university.

One of the nice things about a career is the fact that over the years, one can without trying remain in contact with an understanding of students from the past and their progress in life’s world.

Most of my years were as a School Principal. I have been Principal to many students who have done well in life and to hear about them and their progress from time to time is great within itself.

It hasn’t all been joy. Some have gone off the rails and finished up in detention for both minor and sadly, major offences. An almost sinister part of that is the fact that I knew this would be the way things might end for them. One gets to understand futurist indicators that are present in the lives of developing children and from very young ages. Sadly, that is the way it can be.

The joy bits and the celebrations of those who are on the positive side of the ledge remain. This year I have determined to keep a note of all feedback I receive from past students or their parents, about their progress pathways in life. I am using an A4 diary which has a month to each page as an opening to make notations. I thought that appreciating the lives of those who are coming behind might make for joyful recall.

I am suggesting this as an idea that might appeal to others.

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