Principals and school leaders have heavy responsibilities. One of the things they should never forget is to give credit whatever credit is due. Acknowledging the successes of staff and students should be part of this recognition. Too often, giving thanks and attributing successes to staff and congratulations to students for outcomes, can be overlooked because of work pressures.

Part of ‘smelling the roses’ for school leaders should be taking the time to look for the joy in education. The lightening of mood reflected by principals when this happens, helps build positive feelings within their schools. Staff and students like nothing better than to be appreciated. Intrinsic recognition form their leaders is returned tenfold in terms of ongoing effort that grows from them feeling good about positive recognition.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly Henry, this is probably why I am so exhausted – I spend a lot of my time ‘appreciating’ others and probably missing the ‘paper work’. But I figure, it can wait and the people in our team matter the most..! ☺️

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