13. SOCRATIC DISCUSSION is a method of in conversation with students, where you and students can engage in quality discourse. It is superior as a way of developing shared learning and empathetic understanding.

“Great tool to use when intending for the students to take ownership in the learning. Students really carry the load in making meaning, stating and defending ideas, and synthesizing learning. Even better, the students really enjoy the fact that there is not a single right answer, but they must state and defend their ideas. The fact that text is usually utilized in a seminar increases rigor because the students identify and expand upon key ideas, not simply record and regurgitate what the teacher believes to be important.”

David Zilli

“Of course the teacher must be good at asking relevant questions with well focused objectives. He/She must be able to organize students response logically and probe students answers to make them more specific. Furthermore, if an answer or response is irrelevant the teacher response must be making the responder to think about his/her response. Last but not the least the logical sequence of From easier to difficult, from known to unknown and from concrete to abstract be followed.”

Mohammad Faiq

Socratic Discussion is an enhancing learning tool.

Email me on for free materials I have developed (and practised with learning groups) on the subject.

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