One of the things I always did as an educator was to keep very careful and detailed records on all sorts of issues pertaining to education. My accumulation of educational materials spans the years from 1970(My first year of teaching) to January 2012 when I retired. Since that time. As a retiree I have added to the collection.

Knowing that I was approaching retirement, (from 2011) I began to put time into preparing my personal collection for movement to my home office.

That was eight years ago! Around five years ago I started thinking about what should happen to the materials collected over the years. One part of me did not want to surrender any of them; another aspect of my “existence“ suggested that it was rather stupid to leave them in their accumulated, largely quiescent state, until I died.

That would simply leave a lot of material for someone else to sort out.

I could not begin to imagine what alternatives might be taken into account when it came to disposal.

My thinking crystallised in November 2018. At that time I was asked to contribute to an oral history been developed by the Northern Territory Archive. During my engagement I learned a lot about donations of accumulated materials to the archive. I knew what to do.

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