I knew what to do.

My options were to keep the accumulation of materials, bequeathing them almost accidentally to my family. To them, much of this material would be burdensome and an encumbrance. Or, alternatively, to start a program of going through and sorting my resources with a view to donating them to the NT Archive. Having gained an insight into the valuable work done by the archive in preserving history and making it available to those with interest in or a bent toward studying the past, I realised the second option was the better of the two.

The hardest part was the start. It felt somewhat ‘wrenching’ to contemplate ‘ surrendering’ resources. But once I had gotten over the twangs of concern about this being an issue, I became wise to the fact that sharing was better that hiding these resources from view. In the archive they will be available to others. While having to cede ownership and copyright to the Archive (a part of the requirement for the transfer of donated materials), what I pass on will be under the heading of “The Gray Collection”.

As an educator, I have always tried to share. So this is simple another sharing method, one which may be of help and benefit to others.

My first donation was on July 5 2019.

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