For government to deny heritage listing for the old Darwin Primary School is to deny the genesis and discount the history of NT Education. That decision must be reversed for the sake of honouring students and staff who were pioneers and forerunners of what has since transpired.


The CDU population study (NT News 1/7) confirms the government needs to do much more to encourage residents to stay in the Territory. Those leaving if disaffected will tell stories about their time up here which will hardly encourage others to think about moving to the NT. Double jeopardy.


The CDU (NT News 29/6) is curtailing courses, cutting staff and boosting its Sydney annex for international students. How does that fit with the university’s plan to accomodate and school over 1,000 mostly international students in Darwin as part of the city expansion? I do not understand.


There is far too much misuse of mobile phones happening in both primary and secondary school situations. Cyber bullying is part of the issue, ongoing distraction from learning another. Phones should not be allowed in classrooms and the Education Department should take system ownership of a phone ban policy.


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