One of the sad transitions that has occurred over the past forty years has been the gradual turn of student performance issues back onto teachers. It used to be that genuine (real) non-effort on the part of students became a concern shared by teachers with parents. Together then would exhort students toward greater engagement. These days, the minimal outcomes achieved by students with such dispositions is blamed back onto teachers in an almost sole fashion.

Teachers are hammered if children don’t achieve, notwithstanding the commitment of the child and the support of home. Teachers are handed few bouquets but are regularly clouted about their heads by figurative brickbats. Small wonder the joy of teaching is so short-lived and so full of dissolution for many classroom educators. So many graduate teachers don’t last more than five years before forsaking the profession.

School leaders need to be affirmative, forthright, bold and adventuresome. They ought not to be so worried about preserving our future that we are frightened to have counter opinions. They do not have to agree with everything offered by superordinates.

Leaders and teachers should contribute to educational debate in a living ‘two way’ transactional manner. They ought not be people who respond with ‘how high’ when told to jump. Often the command to leap comes from those who would not know and who have not been anywhere near schools for eons of time.

Educators need to participate in healthy and robust educational debate, not being weakly acquiescent to the opinions or demands of others.

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