The Northern Territory Newspaper revealed this morning that two past school principals, both colleagues, had both passed away.

David Hassall and Kath Phelan AM were major contributors to their school communities during their years of leading and managing schools. Ms Phelan was also a key contributor to system development through her work in the Education Department’s head office.

Earlier this year Andrew Cameron who was the Principal Education Adviser (PEA) jn the Barkley Region ( Tennant Creek and surrounding district) passed away.

More recently Aileen McDonagh was laid to rest. Mrs McDonagh was variously the Principal of Wagaman, Howard Springs and Nakara Prjmary Schools. She was also instrumental in developing the process leading to documentation for School Improvement Plans. These planning concept was designed to help schools and their communities plan medium and longer term goal setting objectives.

We are eight months into 2019. To date four NT educational leaders who helped shape and develop our system and schools have passed on. With them, has passed their rich educational contributions and the history of their achievements.

And all without any public acknowledgement by a government instrumentality, the Education Department. Nor any public mention by the NT Principals’ Association or any of the other groups to which they belonged.

It is incredibly sad that the focus of living in the present denies those who should know better from offering a final word of public recognition or word of tribute.

From this individual, thanks to the four of you for the part you played in building Northern Territory Education.

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