There is satisfaction and joy in teaching, but everything is not always a bed of roses. My concern is that those contemplating teaching or about to begin teaching careers, not enter the profession without realising the fallacies and shortfalls that exist and with which the profession has to contend.

These occupy three key dimensions and I will raise them one by one over the next three days. Singly and collectively, they can impact upon teachers in a way that turns the cream of teaching into unpalatable sour milk.

My comments will not aim at being kill joy, serving rather as being part of the necessity of awareness that should be part of the consideration undertaken by all those contemplating becoming educators.

Close to 50% of graduating teachers exist the profession within five years. That is due in part to elements that should be taken into account, being given little forethought and consideration.

Anything that can help teachers avoid pitfalls and becoming subject to dissolution should be canvassed.

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