Teachers need to realise that system expectations are growing at what seems to be an ever increasing rate. Both government and Education Departments put it upon teachers to be responsible for a growing plethora of expectations. Some of these are listed.

* It is expected that teachers get students to a point of fulfilling NAPLAN test expectations.

* It is behoven upon teachers to be responsible for overcoming all discipline issues.

* Teachers are expected to know of physical, mental, social and sexual abuse possibilities.

* ‘Suicide watch’ and awareness of mental welfare issues are part of the equation.

* Children may not understand manners, deportment, and other development issues – fix them.

* Teachers are expected to manage an increasing level of ‘individual differences’ among children.

* The system will, at short notice, impose new teaching methods, classroom modelling and other concepts. ‘Steady state’ and expectation is not the way things go.

* New ideas and different approaches will often be imposed after minimal notice and discussion.

* School hierarchy will often expect teachers to be responsible for behaviour management issues. occurring outside the classroom and away from their direct responsibilities.

* Meetings are regular and occupy a great deal of time outside the normal school day.

* Professional development obligations and accountability (performance management) requirements take up a lot of additional time.

* Reporting to parents must be couched in language that is often unclear and imprecise, tending to ‘skirt’ issues rather than going to the nub of issues.

* With the passing of time, appreciation for teachers by the system has become less and less. Accountability requirements on the other hand have grown like Topsy.

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