CONSIDER SKILLS YOU MAY NEED: Practical Benefit Ideas (8)

If going to a remote location or isolated community to teach, consider the following.

    Learning or knowing how to cook using tinned fruit and vegetables may well be an advantage. Tinned products are often more readily available than fresh produce. A concern about fresh fruit, vegetables, milk and meat can be its age and condition by the time it arrives in local stores.
    Knowing how to make bread, cook cakes and make biscuits can help.
    A frypan, bread making machine and croc pot are versatile and practical cooking aids.
    Having a contract person or business in a city or large regional town can help when it comes to organising necessities that may be in short supply or which become unavailable locally. With this would be an arrangement covering ordering and paying for goods.


Previous posts have offered some pointers that may well help those contemplating or preparing to work in remote communities. It is important for those going to teach in more remote schools to be well prepared for life and living in their new locations.

Please accept this from one who, with his family, has been there and done that.

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