On private ands public schools

I was a principal of government schools in WA and the NT (rural/remote, town and city) for 40 years of my teaching career. I am a great respecter of the contribution made by both Catholic and Independent schools to the education of our children.

 I don’t like the notion of contestation between public and private because that does not help us remember that “schools are for children”.

For years I have deplored the fact that the function of education is often subverted to and lost within the machinations of structure. I often wish this was not the case for it can be quite ruinous of the overall efforts we made toward the brining up of children and students. 

For me, regardless of ‘public’ or ‘private’ the most important thing about education is to look at the holistic development of our clients, the children and students of today who are the leaders of tomorrow’s world.

We ought never forget or overlook the importance and need for the social, emotional and moral/spiritual development of young people.

Neither should we neglect the essences of primary communication – listening and speaking (and of course reading and correct writing). Let us keep the key essences of education.

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