I strongly disagree with the tenet that handwriting is a redundant skiill. Sure, technology means keyboard skills are up and coming (although by the hunt and peck method rather than by touch typing.)

Not being engaged in empirical research disallows me from responding other than by comment. But as a school principal for over 40  years before retiring I came to deplore the lack of skill by students when it came to producing the written word by pen or pencil.  Pride in bookwork largely became a thing of the past and fluency with handwriting a sad lack

I always praised and recognised students who made an effort when it came to handwriting and script production. That included margins, using a ruler for underlining and crossing out neatly.  While having to go with modern methodologies and priorities which de-emphasise traditional skills, I nevertheless made an effort in that direction.

I believe it true to say that many teachers and schools downplay handwriting because it is not some exciting and new fangled initiative. It is however a skill that should never ever be lost, but is fast vanishing from the repertoire and skills base of students.

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