If the school has rules about particular issues and things, those rules need to be enforced. If the school has no intention of enforcing particular rules, then those rules should not be stated in the first place.

Rules on paper that are not enacted make a mockery of school policies and suggest that school administrators and leaders are not serious.

Possibly the most common school rule not enforced relates to mobile telephones. Many schools have rules saying that mobile phones cannot be brought to school, or if they are they must stay in bags. They cannot be used during the school day and are particularly embargoed during recess and lunchtimes in the school yard.

Yet it seems that this rule is one frequently overlooked . Students use their mobile telephones and all too frequently. In class they engage in social media contact rather than paying attention to instruction and being diligent about their work assignments. Phones are all too often out and about in the hands of owners in the schoolyard, filming “happenings“ that can be shared with others on social media.

The rule about not having mobile phones is an important one for without these devices students remain more focussed and less likely or inclined to encourage miscreant schoolyard behaviour that can be filmed and shared.

Rule is not a rule unless enforced. Consider carefully when developing rules to make sure that they are going to be applied . Unless this happens, the rule makes a mockery of the school.

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