The midsemester holiday break has just started in the Northern Territory. It coincides in an approximate sense with the second semester break period happening in other schools around Australia. I really do hope that everybody connected with education has the opportunity for a good rest, relaxing time, reflecting time, and it and a time that allows people to refresh and to ready for term for. The next term is the business end of the year, the culmination toward which each term is directed . It’s like the fourth quarter of Australian rules football game.

We hear a lot about student indifference and educational challenges. The truth of the matter is that the majority of our students work hard and do their very best at all times. They are supported by teachers and school staff members who go to great lengths to ensure the provision of a quality education.

Step back and relax for time away from what sometimes referred to as the “cold face” is important.

As a retired school principal I’d like to wish everybody the very very best for downtime and then the same in bounteous measure for the final term of the 2019 school year.

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