GONSKI or no Gonski, the following should be necessary and scripted learning directions.

[* They need to start early in school life.]

* The teaching of LISTENING skills.

* The development eye contact.

* The development of manners, deportment, politeness, respect.

* The focus on looking after goods and personal possessions.

* Focus on speaking skills and the correct enunciation of words.

* Teaching times tables by rote.

* Teaching children the rudiments of handwriting including legibility.

* “How to hold a writing tool skilfully and comfortably”.

* Focus on respect for others and for self.

* Teaching and practising rthe importance of silence.

* Focus on correct word usage, not banalities and profanities.

I could go on.

The guts and the essence of character development, Gonski or no Gonski should happen and be prescriptive.

That may be hard when a lot of newer teachers who have not had the benefit of this teaching as students, find what I have written to be totally foreign.

Gonski or no Gonski, education is ever progressing south into theunderside of mediocrity.

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